Welcome CloudCannon, a new Cloud based CMS

Welcome CloudCannon, a new Cloud based CMS

After more than eight years of building Drupal sites we wanted to offer another option for our clients.

The new option needed to offer the following:

  • The ability for clients to manage their own content.
  • Lower entry level project cost (vs. Drupal).
  • No maintenance required.

For a moment, we considered adding WordPress, but it did not fulfill all our requirements (#2 and #3).

In 2015, we found CloudCannon and we discovered that their CMS service fits what we were looking for. CloudCannon offers a tidy all-in-one solution. It includes hosting and a cloud CMS for static and Jekyll sites.

CloudCannon Content Management System

One of the benefits of CloudCannon over a traditional CMS is that it does not need maintenance. It can be costly for open source content management systems like Drupal and WordPress to be continually maintained. CloudCannon handles all the code updates and maintenance.

Another benefit is how fast we can ‘spin up’ a new website with CloudCannon. There is almost no time required to setup the hosting account and no time to setup the CMS since it is already built.

Good use cases for CloudCannon:

  • Informational site

    • Company sites
    • Marketing sites
    • Restaurants/cafes/bars sites
    • Small event/conference sites
    • Tutorial sites
    • Documentation sites
  • Blog sites
  • Light e-commerce sites
  • Smaller budget sites
  • Require a short turnaround time

Cases we wouldn’t use CloudCannon for:

  • Large-scale e-commerce site
  • Image heavy gallery site
  • Multiple users with different access levels
  • Sites that need a content workflow process (drafts, reviews, approvals, publish, comments)
  • Web Apps
  • Sites that need advanced searching and filtering of content
  • Member-based site and sites that need user interaction beyond comments

In upcoming posts, we will discuss CloudCannon features in detail.

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